Hello. My name is Natalia - I am a certified trichologist. Throughout my years of practice, I know exactly how to help women in solving their hair problems. I have built the best team to create effective professional care cosmetics LUM. I am in daily contact with clients and I am personally responsible for the results. I am proud of what I do and do not hide my face! The formulas of all products are unique and developed by me and a team of highest-level professionals.

Natalia Vetrova, creator of the LUM brand.

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Professional hair cosmetics

When choosing hair care products, it is essential to remember that professional hair cosmetics differ significantly from the usual “shampoos from the store”. It is designed to solve narrow problems and involves the individual selection of ingredients with the help of specialists. On the LUM.one website, you can find the most effective products to help you to get rid of various hair problems.

Why are LUM products the best?

All cosmetics are developed by me, an experienced certified trichologist, together with a technologist. It is very important for me that each client gets more than expects because my goal was to create the necessary minimum of products to solve the maximum of problems. You will experience not only the result but also the aesthetic and moral satisfaction from using the LUM product line.

I know exactly what products will help you to achieve the “magic effect” fast enough.

I have assembled the best team of specialists in this field, and together we have made sure that professional hair care cosmetics are a real find, so I boldly declare that these products are:

  • natural cosmetics;

  • very economical; 

  • absolutely safe if you follow the instructions;

  • help to get rid of problems with the scalp and hair of varying degrees of complexity;

  • penetrate deep into hair structure, and not only envelop outside. 

  • provide a visual WOW effect;

  • prevent the development of possible negative processes;

  • easy to use and does not require special in-depth knowledge to use.


In combination, LUM products guarantee excellent results, regardless of the complexity of the problem. Choose individual care and watch the transformation. The WOW effect is noticeable after the first use.


9 out of 10 new clients become permanent, and I am very proud of it.

With LUM cosmetics, your and your customers’ hair will shine with new strength and health! See for yourself a professional and scientific approach in the beauty industry that works wonders.