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LUM Cocktail for hair №1

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A unique product with the most natural composition, thanks to which the dream of growing hair in the shortest possible time becomes a reality. In just 4 weeks, the cocktail will “wake up” dormant bulbs and start cell division from inside the hair follicle. Noticeable improvement in the condition of the hair from the first application! Hair growth up to +10 cm in 3 months!
The recipe was developed by a trichologist with 3 years of practical experience. The effect of the use of the tool is observed in more than 20 thousand customers.

Black seed oil:
⦁ normalizes the movement of blood and oxygen in the skin;
⦁ strengthens hair, stops hair loss;
⦁ will help delay the appearance of gray hair;
⦁ soothes skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Also, black seed oil contains nigelon and thymoquinone (powerful antihistamines, omega-3 and omega-6, which stimulate blood circulation, thereby accelerating hair growth for several weeks).
Biotin is involved in the production of keratin - one of the «building« materials in the hair structure, which provides elasticity and healthy shine, protects against negative factors.
Nicotinic acid affects the vessels of the scalp, expanding them, improving blood circulation and improving metabolic processes, which helps stop hair loss and promotes hair growth.

The combination of pyridoxine, tocopherol and retinol is a powerful charge for hair growth and strengthening.

LUM- cocktail for hair №1 is a lifeline for those who want to restore hair after extensions or afro braids, as well as for mothers who suffer from hair loss after childbirth. The recipe was developed by a trichologist with 2 years of practical experience. The effect of using the tool was observed in more than 9 thousand clients.

• oily seborrhea
• androgenetic alopecia
• individual intolerance of components
• increased sensitivity of the scalp.

How to use: Thoroughly shake the contents of the bottle until a homogeneous consistency is obtained, apply with a pipette to the scalp, massage the head with your fingers
add a few drops to the hands and distribute along the entire length
leave for 40 minutes or overnight (it is not necessary to wear a cap, the product does not leave traces). After the time is up, wash your hair as usual, using shampoo and conditioner.

IMPORTANT: for maximum effect, it is recommended to use in combination with other levels of hair care from LUM.

Stage I: Application of growth and anti-hair loss products:

1. LUM Cocktail for hair No. 1 - apply to the scalp.

2. LUM Moroccan Argan Oil - apply to the length of the hair. (can be applied together with LUM Cocktail for hair No. 1, left for 2 to 12 hours / overnight).

II Stage: Washing hair:

3. Wash your hair with LUM Shampoo.

4. Apply LUM Scalp Peeling to wet scalp (keep for 1 to 3 minutes, repeat once a week).

5. Wash the scalp thoroughly with running water, then use LUM Shampoo.

6. Apply LUM Balsam for 2 to 5 minutes / apply LUM Mask for 20 to 30 minutes (we use one thing during washing). Then rinse thoroughly.

III Stage: Hair drying:

7. We put on the LUM turban with the terry side against the hair to absorb excess moisture. Wait 20 minutes. Now we put on the turban with the silk side to smooth the scales of the hair cuticle. Wait another 10 minutes. If desired, put on the LUM turban immediately with the silk side down for 20 minutes.

8. Distribute LUM Protective Keratin Spray along the length and style the hair with a hair dryer or iron.

Volume: 50 ml (12-15 uses)

Storage method: store in a dry, dark place at temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius and relative humidity not higher than 75%.

Expiration date: 6 months.

Made in Ukraine

Hair Growth Cocktail

LUM cocktail for hair growth is a super effective product, the effectiveness of which has already been proven on more than 9 thousand clients. A special formula with black cumin oil acts on the hair follicles and promotes the division of cells within them. It has been designed by a professional and experienced trichologist using modern technology.

Who needs it?

You should buy hair growth serum if you:

  • are going through a post-stress period

  • faced with hair loss after childbirth or as a result of hormonal disruptions;

  • want to grow chic hair as quickly as possible;

  • want to always look well-groomed and expensive

This composition was created for people who do not have much free time for multiple procedures in salons and want rapid hair growth. A cocktail works while you sleep. You can apply it on the scalp before going to bed, and in the morning just wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner.

How to use it?

Our active herbal hair growth serum does not require any special time or financial expenses. You pay only for natural ingredients in the composition of our cocktail and apply the contents of the bottle for five minutes every day. 

  1. Spread the drops of cocktail with a pipette over the scalp and gently rub them into the roots.

  2. Spread a couple of drops on the palms and spread the sebum from the roots along the length of the hair.

  3. Leave the Hair Growth Activator Lotion on for 40 minutes or overnight. Then rinse off with your usual shampoo.

The serum doesn’t leave stains on the bed, so you do not need to worry about it. During that time, your hair will receive nutrition with a large number of vitamins and minerals. After 4 weeks, dormant hair follicles will “activate”, and new hairs will begin to grow.

Why has it become a favorite choice of our customers?

A vitamin cocktail for stimulating hair growth is based on substances that, in combination, give an excellent effect:

  • black cumin oil - stimulates blood circulation, normalizes the condition of the skin, and nourishes it with useful elements;

  • biotin is responsible for elasticity, strength, health, and protection.

  • nicotinic acid acts directly on the vessels, improving blood flow through them.

Use the Hair Growth Shake along with your other LUM treatments. Their chemical composition has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair strands. That’s why you will see the desired result much faster.


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Доброго дня хотіла поділитися відгуком, бо результат мене вразив.
Купила коктейль для росту волосся 2шт та араганову олію, після корони волосся дуже постраждало.
Чесно скажу використовувала не регулярно. Але, якби я не фарбувала волосся, то не помітила б що за 4 міс моє волосся виросло на 7 см! За попередні рази це завжди було не більше 3-4 см.
Можливо у когось це норма, але після 40 років якось ці процеси почали уповільнюватись. А тут таке!
Більш того кінчики я постійно випрямляла утюжком і уявіть - вони навіть не сечені!
Тепер почала більш регулярно використовувати догляд і нарешті можу росчісуватись без сліз - зупинилось випадіння.
Сподіваюсь наступний крок - з'являтися нові волоски.
Дуже всім дякую!
Залишу собі на постійний догляд.
Доручив живу в Німеччині і нічого подібного тут не знаходила.
Пишаємось українцями! Дякую.

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Найефективніший засіб проти випадіння яким я користувалась???? Вже після декількох використань коктейлю помітила, що волосся випадає значно менше. Я думаю це саме через спосіб використання і класний склад, так як від використання інших засобів взагалі змін не було видно

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Щиро дякую за коктейль, вже отримала посилку, сьогодні спробувала
Волосся м’яке одразу після 1-го використання ,це щось неймовірне
Дуже вдячна

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Доброго дня.)
Так косметику спробувала ,коктейль
вже друга баночка .Ефект дійсно є
волосся добре росте,не
пушиться ,кінчики зволоженні.Я
блондинка тому зазвичай кінці сухі ,а
корені жирні.Восени дуже випадало
золосся ,але після використання
коктейлю випадати стало меньше
Ну одним словом не знаю ,що ви там
додаєте в свій продукт,якийсь
чарівний компонент, це дійсно дієва
косметика. Дуже Вам

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Я в шоці якщо чесно, після першого
використання структура волосся
Я перепробувала дуже багато
засобів, у різній ціновій політиці, але
наразі я просто в шоці.
Чесно, дякую
Волосся ніби з салону

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