About LUM


Thank you for your interest in LUM hair products! My name is Natalia Vetrova - I am a certified trichologist. Through years of practice, I know exactly how to help women solve hair problems. I have assembled the best team to create the most effective LUM professional care cosmetics. I am in touch with clients every day and I am personally responsible for the result. I am proud of what I do and I do not hide my face! After all, all formulas are unique and are developed personally by me and a team of experts of the highest level.

We produce products in small batches in Ukraine. We do not have full warehouses, which makes it possible to sell only fresh goods. This is very important, because each product has absorbed a set of valuable natural ingredients. Without exception, all products of the LUM brand are very popular, so we usually collect complex kits for our customers. I will tell about the most popular of them further.

Natalia Vetrova, creator of the LUM brand.

Boxing: “Professional hair care”
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