Concerned about the condition of your hair? You're not alone.
Statistics show that 78% of women have experienced hair problems that require a professional approach.

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My name is Natalia Vetrova, I am a trichologist with 5 years of experience and the founder of the LUM brand.

My methods, supported by the successful experience of helping more than 31,560 clients from 12 countries who have restored the health of their hair and scalp, restoring it to its natural beauty and strength.

Free consultation
of a trichologist in Telegram


1. Request:

We identify your unique request, problems that you have encountered, and suggestions for the desired result.

2. Analysis: 

I understand what is bothering your hair or scalp, and look for the root of the problem. Along the way, I schedule certain tests.

3. Professional advice:

I identify mistakes in your care and give practical tips on how to correct them in order to get the maximum effect.

4. Selection of care: 

I select the perfect products from the professional Lum line, which are developed by a trichologist and meet exactly your needs.

5. Instructions for use:

I explain how to use the Recommended Products Correctly for maximum effect.

6. Contraindications:

I pay attention to any contraindications to ensure the safety and effectiveness of using the products.

Free consultation
of a trichologist in Telegram

Results of my clients in 1-3 months

Free consultation
of a trichologist in Telegram


Yulia addressed the following problems:

  • hair loss;
  • brittleness and dryness.

After 3 months of regular use:

  • the dropout stopped at 80%;
  • accelerated the growth of new hair (grew by 12 cm);
  • dryness and brittleness disappeared;
  • there was a shine and smoothness of the hair.

The client was treated with telogenic hair loss of the middle stage.
After the first course of use.
- reduced dropout by 20%;
- active growth of new hair and reduction of hair loss by 40 %;
- For 2024-the dropout has been stopped.

Olga addressed the following problems:
- hair loss;
- slow growth;
- brittleness and dryness after lightening.
For six months of working with us at the client's office:
- overgrown length by 12 cm;
- halved the dropout rate;
- from damaged hair after lightening
it became thick and hydrated.



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Free consultation
of a trichologist in Telegram