Boxing: “Professional hair care”

Boxing: “Professional hair care”

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Developed by trichologist

As a gift: Thermal Protection Spray

The perfect set that will easily replace salon treatments.

The set includes:​

  1. Shampoo-LUM Shampoo Black Seed Oil, 250 ml;
  2. Balsam-LUM Balsam Black Seed Oil, 250 ml;
  3. Mask-LUM Mask Black Seed Oil, 200 ml
  4. Cocktail for hair growth-LUM Cocktail for Hair No. 1 50 ml;
  5. Thermal Protection Spray-LUM Protective Keratin Spray, 120 ml;.


Effect of regular use:

  • Gentle cleansing of the scalp thanks to soft surfactants;
  • Hair oiliness control;
  • Incredible radiance and softness;
  • Prevention of dandruff;
  • Fast restoration of hair structure.
  • Fighting hair loss;
  • Accelerated growth of new hairs;
  • Protection during regular blow-drying or styling with an iron;


Shampoo-provides gentle cleansing, normalizes the sebaceous glands of the scalp, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
The base is a high-tech and high-quality steam that will provide a feeling of freshness to the scalp without irritation.


Balm-will restore the curls to their natural strength and vitality. The composition is rich in plant extracts and amino acids that intensively moisturize and nourish the hair and scalp, so it effectively cares for dry and emaciated hair, strengthening it and eliminating dryness


Mask-for all hair types. Created together with a trichologist. The special highly active formula of the mask saturates the hair with useful elements, effectively strengthens them, preventing cross-section and brittleness. As a result, your hair will become shiny and well-groomed in appearance.


Cocktail for hair growth - a unique tool with the most natural composition, thanks to which the dream of growing hair in the shortest possible time becomes real. In just 4 weeks, the cocktail will "wake up" the sleeping bulbs and start cell division from the inside of the hair follicle. Noticeable improvement in the condition of the hair from the very first application! Hair growth up to + 10 cm in 3 months!


Spray-this spray is for you if you: use an iron, style your hair with a hair dryer, wind curls with a curling iron, notice stratification and brittleness of the tips.

Sepicap-the most natural keratin with a European Quality Mark! It fills the voids of the hair without weighing it down, but provides perfect protection, shine and smoothness. Wheat proteins treat the hair from the inside out. Use only for thermal installation!


Method of application:

1. Apply LUM Cocktail for Hair No. 1 to the scalp, massage the skin a little with your fingertips, add a few drops of cocktail to your hands and distribute along the entire length. Leave it on for 2 to 12 hours, you can wear it overnight (you don't have to wear a cap, the product leaves no traces)


2. Wash your hair with LUM Shampoo (2 times after using the cocktail). Spray the shampoo in the palms of your hands and apply it to the hair roots with massage movements


3. After that, we apply LUM Balsam from 2 to 5 minutes / LUM Mask is applied from 20 to 30 minutes (during washing we use one thing). Wash it off thoroughly.


4. Apply the spray on wet hair (towel - dried) after shampooing, if you are styling with a hair dryer, and on dry strands, when you need to pull them out with an iron-shake the bottle, spray the spray from a distance of 20-30 cm and distribute evenly over the entire length of the hair.

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Завдяки комплексу з коктейлю, шампуню, бальзаму, маски та спрею я нарешті змогла відновити своє волосся після фарбування. Для мене було найважливішим - щоб засоби не сушили волосся (як це трапилося з моїм попереднім доглядом). Але такий комплекс від LUM показав себе на усі 100, допоміг зробити волосся більш живим, блискучим та доглянутим. Я дуже задоволена)

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Щиро вдячна за посилочку
Бокс коктейль , шампунь бальзам , маска та спрей брала на подарунок своїй подрузі . Вона залишилась дуже задоволена, тепер вона також фанат вашої продукції як і я

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Отримала свою посилочку
Дякую вам за чудове пакування, так гарнооооо

Кожен раз отримую масу задоволення

Вже замовляла собі такий набір і це просто любов
Обожнюю ваш коктель з ним нарешті почало відростати волосся

А шампунь, бальзам та масочка - це те що повинно бути у кожної. Від них неймовірно гладеньке та слухняне волосся, таке наповнене

Спрей вже беру 4 раз, він чудовий Аромаааат

Дякую вам

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Все просто бомба.
у шампуня с маской и
бальзамом , такой маленький
расход, я прям удивлена.

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Purchased in this store: Yes

Хотіла подякувати
вам за вашу продукцію.Користуюсь
два місяці доглядом за волоссям
Коктейль,спрей,шампунь,бальзам та
маска.Це щось неймовірне. Волосся
стало просто шикарним.Нема слів
описати те,що я бачу

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