The use of sunscreen (sunscreen) is critical to skin health for several reasons:

The use of sunscreen (sunscreen) is critical to skin health for several reasons:

1.     UV protection:

•     UV-A rays: These rays penetrate deep into the skin and promote skin aging, causing wrinkles and pigmentation.

•     UV-B rays: Responsible for sunburn and can damage the DNA of skin cells, which increases the risk of skin cancer.

2.     Preventing skin cancer:

•     Regular use of sunscreen significantly reduces the risk of developing various forms of skin cancer, including melanoma, which is the most aggressive form of skin cancer.

3.     Preventing premature aging:

•     UV radiation contributes to photoaging of the skin, which manifests itself in the form of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and hyperpigmentation. Sunscreen helps keep the skin look young for a long time.

4.     Protection against pigmentation and uneven skin tone:

•     Sunscreen helps prevent the formation of pigment spots and hyperpigmentation, providing even skin tone.

5.     Maintaining skin health:

•     UV radiation can damage the skin barrier, making the skin more sensitive and prone to inflammation and other problems. Sunscreen protects the skin from these negative effects.

6.     Protection in any weather:

•     UV rays penetrate through clouds and can reflect from snow, sand and water, so the use of sunscreen is necessary not only in sunny weather, but also on cloudy days and winter.

7.     Prevention of eye and lip damage:

•     Sunscreens with SPF are also recommended to be applied to the lips and use sunglasses to protect the eyes, as the skin around the eyes and lips is very thin and sensitive.

For effective sun protection, it is recommended:

•     Use sunscreen with a wide range of protection (UVA and UVB) and SPF of at least 30.

•     Apply a sufficient amount of cream (about 2 mg per cm² of skin).

Regular use of sunscreen is an important component of daily skin care, which will help keep it healthy and beautiful.

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