TOP 3 Benefits of LUM Hair Cosmetics

TOP 3 Benefits of LUM Hair Cosmetics

1️⃣ TENSIBLE RESULT already after the first use. For example, a scrub or shampoo cleanses and gives a feeling of freshness, a cocktail or argan oil - silkiness and fullness of the hair shaft, a mask - nourishment and restoration, a silk turban - polishing and shine!

2️⃣ All products are designed to solve several problems at the same time! Loss, brittleness, dryness, hair shine, density. Since in the complex, the ingredients work to enhance each other's action!

3️⃣ OWN UKRAINIAN PRODUCTION. This allows you not to overprice, like Korean and European cosmetics, which are at least 3 times more expensive. And this is ~3500 UAH for shampoo, balm and mask compared to 1175 UAH for a set from LUM. There are also promotions.

06/06/2022 12:58:26


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