Shampoo for hair "Strength and shine" LUM Shampoo Black Seed Oil Power lum002

Shampoo for hair "Strength and shine" LUM Shampoo Black Seed Oil Power

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Shampoo-provides gentle cleansing, normalizes the sebaceous glands of the scalp, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The base is a high-tech and high-quality steam that will provide a feeling of freshness to the scalp without irritation. Natural component Black Cumin Oil actively enriches strands with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, acids and phytosterols, so it can be used to prevent hair loss and dandruff.

How to use: apply shampoo to wet hair and massage thoroughly until foam forms from Root to tip. Rinse with water. Repeat if necessary. Suitable for daily use.

Important: to achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to use Lum Black Seed Oil Power shampoo in combination with other degrees of hair care from LUM.

Stage I: Application of growth and anti-hair loss products:
1.LUM Cocktail for hair No1 – apply to the scalp.
2.LUM Moroccan Argan Oil – apply to the length of the hair.
(can be applied together with LUM Cocktail for hair No1 , keep from 2 to 12 hours / can be applied overnight).
Stage II: washing your hair:
3.wash your hair with LUM Shampoo.
4.Apply LUM Scalp Peeling to wet scalp (hold for 1 to 3 minutes, repeat 1 time a week).
5.Rinse your scalp thoroughly with running water, then use LUM Shampoo.
6.Apply LUM Balsam from 2 to 5 minutes / LUM Mask apply from 20 to 30 minutes (during washing we use one thing). Then wash it off thoroughly.

 Stage III: hair drying:
7.Put the LUM turban with the Terry side to the hair to absorb excess moisture. Wait 20 minutes. Now we put on the turban with the Silk side to smooth the scales of the hair cuticle. Wait another 10 minutes. If desired, we put on the LUM turban immediately with the Silk side for 20 minutes.
8.distribute LUM Protective Keratin Spray along the length and style your hair with a hair dryer or iron.

Storage conditions: at a temperature of +5°C to +25°C in a dry place, without direct sunlight and relative humidity not exceeding 75%.

Volume: 250 ml

Shelf life: 24 months. (6 months after opening).


Hair Shampoo is a professional product with a unique composition developed by our team of specialists. Using it regularly, you get clean, silky, obedient hair strands that are not prone to increase fat content.

At the same time, the shampoo provides relief from possible inflammation and dryness of the scalp due to its antiseptic properties. Black cumin oil nourishes the hair with vitamins, phytosterols, minerals, and other beneficial substances.

The miraculous power of the professional shampoo

Black seed hair shampoo is a proven formula. This is a professional hair care product with powerful properties:

  • cleansing (mild action, but 100% effect of getting rid of dirt and sebaceous glands, without over-drying);

  • nutrition and hydration;

  • regulation of the production of sebaceous glands;

  • relieves irritation, stops inflammatory processes, fights scalp peeling, and dryness;

  • prevents and gets rid of dandruff. 

 When shampoo is used in complex, the effect makes it indispensable in hair care

It gives a feeling of freshness for a long time after washing.

How to use it?

An effective formula that is suitable for various problems - increased oiliness, dandruff, itching, dullness, and lifelessness after dyeing. In this case, shampoo for hair with black cumin is used as a regular shampoo:

  1. Saturate your hair with warm, not hot, water.

  2. Apply a small amount of shampoo to the palm of your hand.

  3. Apply it to your damp hair and massage it until it lathers (2-3 min.).

  4. Rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly.

People who are prone to allergies, before use, must find out whether shampoo composition includes allergens. But sensitivity to them is rather an exception, most customers are very satisfied with the purchase and enjoy shiny healthy curls every day.

Order the best care cosmetics on our website and forget about problems with your hair or scalp. Provide high-quality complex care, including several basic products, and remain irresistible in any situation.


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Мій найулюбленіший шампунь серед усіх, які я спробувала. Купую вже не вперше і щоразу залишаюсь задоволеною. Якщо шукаєте мʼяке та делікатне очищення, а також вас турбує зуд - дуже раджу спробувати шампунь від LUM. Він дійсно дуже класно справляється з цими функціями, а також я в захваті від того, що маленького об’єму вистачає на 3 місяці

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Дякую за шампунь )
Він просто неймовірний
Його запах і консистенція мені дуже подобаються. Він гарно піниться та очищує шкіру голови

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Вы писали что вашей шампуни
хватает на три месяца, я в это не
поверила и решила проверить
Раньше у меня шампунь очень
быстро заканчивалась. Прошло
уже три месяца, шампунь не
заканчивается, хотя я часто
пользовалась. Огромное спасибо
вам за вашу продукцию

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It's just fantastic. I've been familiar with the cocktail for a long time. It's a bomb! And I've been trying shampoo balm and mask for only a week. I've never tried anything cooler. I washed my hair today, not a single hair fell out. Thank you so much, it's magic

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Thank you. After the scrub, I apply shampoo, have a wow effect. Thank you for your work, I will order again soon.

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