Natural silk reversible turban towel from LUM

Natural silk reversible turban towel from LUM

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Twisting your hair into a towel that breaks and then stretches the muscles that hold it is not the best way to take care of yourself. Salvation in this situation is a unique double – sided turban towel from LUM.

Turban towel from LUM for you if:

  • Your hair has lost volume;
  • The tips split and break off;
  • The recent transition from one tone to another has worsened the condition of the hair;
  •  Have you had a perm or kerating?;

The turban has 2 working sides - silk and Mahra.

Silk-has a smooth surface, with which scales are smoothed on wet inelastic hair, and the hair structure is restored.Thanks to this, our products have the following properties: strength, durability, high hygroscopicity, hypoallergenic, drapery, breathability.
Thanks to the amino acids that are part of natural silk and which the human body easily assimilates, silk nourishes and maintains the moisture content of the skin and hair. It does not absorb creams and allows you to take full advantage of the evening beauty treatment.

Mahra-absorbs moisture well, while not allowing the hair to dry out. The turban is several times lighter and much more convenient than towels, so your hair does not break out, and after a month their volume is significantly increased!

Available colors: black

Composition: 100% natural silk

Shelf life: unlimited.

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