Keratin Hair Spray LUM Protective Keratin Spray lum006

Keratin Hair Spray LUM Protective Keratin Spray

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Naturalness matters the most. That is why LUM Protective Keratin Spray is made on the basis of the most natural keratin, and at the same time - the MOST POWERFUL!
SIGNIFICANT RESULTS Already after 2 weeks of use!

This spray is for you, if you:
⦁ use an equalizer;
⦁ blow-dry your hair;
⦁ wind the curls with a curling iron;
⦁ We noticed split ends and broken ends.

- restores the hair and takes care of it
- prevents delamination
hair tips
- protects during thermal styling

Main ingredients:
⦁ SEPICAP - the most natural keratin with the European quality mark!
SEPICAP fills hair voids without weighing them down
but providing the perfect
PROTECTION, shine and smoothness.
⦁ WHEAT PROTEINS treat hair from the inside.

Suitable for all hair types, especially porous and fluffy.
To be used only for heat styling.

How to use: apply the product to damp hair (towel-dried) after shampooing, if you style with a hairdryer, and to dry strands, when you need to straighten them with an iron; shake the bottle, spray the spray from a distance of 20-30 cm and distribute evenly over the entire length of the hair. Attention! Apply to strands, do not rinse.

WARNING! Application features:
* Apply when using a hair dryer
on wet hair.
* When using an iron, apply on
washed, dry and combed hair
small parts. Do not wash off.

IMPORTANT: To achieve maximum effect, the use of LUM Protective Keratin Spray in combination with other levels of hair care from LUM is recommended.

Stage I: Application of growth and anti-hair loss products:

1. LUM Cocktail for hair No. 1 - apply to the scalp.

2. LUM Moroccan Argan Oil - apply to the length of the hair. (can be applied together with LUM Cocktail for hair No. 1, left for 2 to 12 hours / overnight).

II Stage: Washing hair:

3. Wash your hair with LUM Shampoo.

4. Apply LUM Scalp Peeling to wet scalp (keep for 1 to 3 minutes, repeat once a week).

5. Wash the scalp thoroughly with running water, then use LUM Shampoo.

6. Apply LUM Balsam for 2 to 5 minutes / apply LUM Mask for 20 to 30 minutes (we use one thing during washing). Then rinse thoroughly.

III Stage: Hair drying:

7. We put on the LUM turban with the terry side against the hair to absorb excess moisture. Wait 20 minutes. Now we put on the turban with the silk side to smooth the scales of the hair cuticle. Wait another 10 minutes. If desired, put on the LUM turban immediately with the silk side down for 20 minutes.

8. Distribute LUM Protective Keratin Spray along the length and style the hair with a hair dryer or iron.

Storage method: store in a dark, dry place at temperatures up to 25 °C and relative humidity not higher than 75%.

Shelf life: 4 months

Made in Ukraine

Keratin Hair Spray

High-quality professional cosmetics are not only "chemistry", but also ingredients that restore natural beauty. Keratin hair spray has become a prime example of a product designed to restore the natural strength and health of the hair. The composition has a regenerating formula that penetrates deep into hair structure, not just on its surface.


The presented spray with keratin for hair belongs to the indelible type of products. It "works" with hairthroughout the day, nourishing every cell with protein. This element is the basis of the health and beauty of our body, skin, and hair.

 Benefits of using:

  • protects hair from negative external factors;

  • increases resistance to possible internal changes (stress, lack of vitamins, hormonal failure, and more);

  • eliminates electrification;

  • nourish with additional strength, gives elasticity, significantly reduces hair loss, and stimulates growth.

With regular use, keratin hair spray works as a super effective treatment that creates the effect of the work of a hairdresser in a beauty salon.  Strands become strong, shine with life and radiate energy, they are easy to comb and look amazing. Perfect for those who like to experiment with their appearance and dye hair frequently, as well as for owners of thin and blond hair.

Why is this spray right for you?

We offer only professional cosmetics that have already become one of the favorites for a large number of girls and women. We are happy to recommend additional products that can create a WOW effect and make your hair look like you have just walked out of the world-class hairdresser.

In the first place is always keratin hair spray, because it is a super-effective composition that is very easy to apply, with a pleasant aroma, and is also quite economical. It can be a first-aid tool if you need to look amazing in a short time or just don't have time to go to salons.

Fulfill your dream of chic hair - leave a request to buy a life-giving composition from us, for which your hair will be grateful to you!


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Я сегодня получила посылочку
и сразу же опробовала спрей
Использовала как в инструкции,на
сухие волосы . Каждую прядь брала
и обрабатывала спреем. Мои волосы
превратились в шёлк
Эффект просто нереальный. Я
наконец-то смотрю на себя с
улыбкой. Я уже и не верила ,что
смогу себе вернуть
здоровье волосам. Спасибо вам

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Волосы после спрея, как
шёлк. Они у меня
оооочень путаются.
Но со спреем я забыла про это

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Кератинов спрей моя новая
любовь , сразу после первого
применения , чувствуются как
волосы напитались

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Добрий день!
У мене сьогодні вихідний і в планах було відлежатись вдома і нікуди не йти. Але я помила волосся, вирівняла його, використовуючи термо захист від lum.І просто не можу тепер сидіти в 4 стінах.
Продукт lum для мене це тепер не тільки користь, але і настрій. Дякую щиро

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Добрий день. Волосся відросл, мені дуже подобається його стан після коктейлю. А спрей кератиновий, то взагалі моя любов❤️. З ним моя укладка тиждень тримається, і головне волосся не пересшує фен.

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