Double-sided turban towel, silver LUM Turban lum015

Double-sided turban towel, silver LUM Turban

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Twisting your hair in a towel that breaks it, and then stretches the muscles holding it with its weight, is not the best way to take care of yourself.

Salvation in this situation is a unique reversible turban towel from LUM.

Double sided silk Towel - Turban by LUM for you if:

  • your hair has lost volume;
  • the ends split and break off;
  • the recent transition from one tone to another worsened the condition of the hair;
  • have you had a perm or keratin treatment?
  • your hair accumulates static energy and becomes electrified,
  • and finally, you are simply tired of wrapping towels around your head, and you absolutely want to always look luxurious.

The turban has 2 working sides - silk and terry.

Silk has a smooth surface, with the help of which scales are smoothed on wet, inelastic hair, and the hair structure is restored. Silk is one of the purest materials. Air circulates between the threads, providing thermoregulation - SKIN BREATHE, thanks to the proteins that make up the silk.

Terry absorbs moisture well, while preventing overdrying of hair. A turban is several times lighter and much more comfortable than a towel, so your hair does not break out, and after a month their volume has increased significantly!

Silk fabric composition: 73% natural fibers, 27% synthetic fibers and micromachres (100% cotton)


Our brand products are always characterized by a professional approach to production and storage. We have thought out all the details so that the product is:

  • comfortable to use;
  • inexpensive;
  • high quality;
  • durable;
  • easy to use;
  • stylish;
  • the buyer's only choice.

You can buy it and forget about buying towels for a long time because it is comfortable and worth the money. Our turban after a shower will become your “secret” to healthy and well-groomed hair.

IMPORTANT: to achieve the maximum effect, we recommend using Double sided silk Towel - Turban by LUM in combination with other stages of hair care from LUM.

  • 1. LUM - cocktail for hair №1 - apply at night on the scalp.
  • 2. In the morning, apply LUM Moroccan Argan Oil along the entire length of the hair.
  • 3. Before shampooing, use LUM Sculp Scrub on wet hair.
  • 4. Rinse thoroughly with LUM Shampoo.
  • 5. For a few minutes, apply either a balm or a mask from LUM to the hair.
  • 6. Carefully wash off the mask / balm and put on a LUM-turban.
  • 7. After 20 minutes, distribute the LUM Protective Keratin Spray along the length and style the hair with a hairdryer.

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Не жалкую про цю покупку — тюрбан для волосся. Це знахідка для мене, тепер я користуюсь тільки тюрбаном. Він дуже зручний і дуже швидко підсушує моє волосся, а шовкова сторона надає йому гладкості та блиску

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просто прелесть, так быстро
сохнут волосы, прям восторг

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