Fight against porous, unruly and brittle hair from LUM

Fight against porous, unruly and brittle hair from LUM

You will forget about porous, brittle, unruly hair! 

These two products will change your care forever:

Double-sided Lum turban is an investment for years!   It does not overtighten the muscle that holds the hair follicle, thus preserving the natural basal volume and reducing hair loss after shampooing. In addition, by wearing a turban with a silk fabric, you polish the hair web, cover the cuticle, thereby preventing hair breakage and split ends.  

LUM Keratin Protective Spray not only protects the hair in time, but also takes care of it!  Thanks to the unique formula of sepicap, its molecules fill in the voids in the hair structure and make their web smooth, while hydrolyzed keratin and amino acids protect the hair fibers from destruction, give moisture and natural shine.

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