Box "Active growth and regulation of greasiness of the scalp"

Box "Active growth and regulation of greasiness of the scalp"

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Developed by trichologist

The kit will help reduce hair loss, activate hair growth, normalize the sebaceous glands, and prevent the appearance of Split ends. In this tandem, the products will saturate the hair web, make it dense, manageable and radiant. 

The set includes:

  1. Peeling for the scalp - LUM Scalp Peeling
  2. Cocktail for hair growth and anti-hair loss-LUM Cocktail for Hair #1
  3. Argan oil-LUM Moroccan Argan Oil

Peeling for the scalp - effectively and deeply cleanses the scalp of keratinized cells and dirt, enhances the regeneration of the scalp, stimulates renewal, eliminates dandruff, increases microcirculation, stimulates hair growth, regulates the sebaceous glands and sebum production. Thanks to this, it heals the scalp and prolongs the fresh appearance of hair.

Cocktail for hair growth and against hair loss - "wakes up" sleeping bulbs and starts cell division inside the hair follicle. Noticeable improvement in the condition of the hair from the very first application! Hair growth up to +10 cm in 3 months! It will restore life to dull hair. In addition to hair care, LUM Moroccan Argan Oil is an ideal product for the skin of the lips, face, hands and even feet.

Argan Oil - your hair will look like you just left a beauty salon. Be sure to try LUM Moroccan Argan Oil. Especially if you:

  • you like experiments (often paint, do a perm);
  • noticed that the hair dries out during the heating period;
  • wear hats and scarves that "break" your hair and prevent you from growing the desired curls.;
  • you want to restore life to dull hair after an illness

In addition to hair care, LUM Moroccan Argan Oil is an ideal product for the skin of the lips, face, hands and even feet.

Important: to achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to use the products in combination with other degrees of hair care from LUM.

Stage I: Application of growth and anti-hair loss products:
1.LUM Cocktail for hair No. 1 – apply to the scalp. 
2.LUM Moroccan Argan Oil – apply to the length of the hair. 
(can be applied together with LUM Cocktail for hair No. 1 , Keep from 2 to 12 hours / can be applied overnight).
Stage II: washing your hair:
3.wash your hair with LUM Shampoo. 
4.Apply LUM Scalp Peeling to wet scalp (hold for 1 to 3 minutes, repeat 1 time a week). 
5.Rinse your scalp thoroughly with running water, then use LUM Shampoo. 
6.Apply LUM Balsam from 2 to 5 minutes / LUM Mask apply from 20 to 30 minutes (during washing we use one thing). Then wash it off thoroughly.
Stage III: hair drying:
7.Put the LUM turban with the Terry side to the hair to absorb excess moisture. Wait 20 minutes. Now we put on the turban with the Silk side to smooth the scales of the hair cuticle. Wait another 10 minutes. If desired, we put on the LUM turban immediately with the Silk side for 20 minutes.
8.distribute LUM Protective Keratin Spray along the length and style your hair with a hair dryer or iron.

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